when will the war be over?

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live updates

21/12/04 - added weekly chart on music page. LOONA's "Oh (Yes I Am)" is the inaugural number one on the chart.

21/10/23 - removed most of the content on the cds and miscellaneous page; renamed cds to music; added new blog post

21/05/23 - added playlists to miscellaneous page.

21/05/16 - updated cds page again.

21/05/15 - updated cds page.

21/05/13 - added imood indicator & created v2.0 update.

21/05/10 - heavily updated cds page and officially registered laguerreestfinie.com

21/05/09 - added updates section, renamed "reece" to "visual", added new blog post, added more links, changed button and expanded about page.

21/05/08 - website rebirthed.