I've always been interested in the early internet, and the technology from that general era. Learning about hardware + software wasn't really my thing, I really just appreciate the general aesthetic and the simplicity more than anything else. This interest started at a fairly young age and I was making my own HTML sites starting from the age of about 10. Granted they were absolutely terrible but the passion was there. I created a Neocities website in 2017 with the name of the site being my Minecraft username (the embarrassment gained from typing that out). Over time, my HTML + CSS skills improved, my interests changed, I matured, and obviously the site looks a lot different now.

My updating of my original Neocities site was concentrated into very intense short bursts that were spread out of a period of time. My site took off for a bit in mid-2018, then I gained interest in it again in late 2019, only to officially retire from Neocities in 2020 and take an extended break. I did attempt a "comeback" in 2021 but the interest was just not there anymore and I left the Neocities site in the past.

I bought the laguerreestfinie.com in spring 2021, and I've been hosting this site with Dreamhost since then as well. My updates have been far more sporadic since then - the inaugural update being largely unfinished, and the second being a rehash of a Neocities update from 2019. I still have that insatiable interest in the early internet, but I've also had other interests and I've gone on different endeavours. I also have a problem with starting projects and not finishing them. This is one of those projects I'm going to try and properly finish. :)

Here's a link to a MUSINGS post I made with a more visual history of this site.


My very first interest was videography & directing. I remember in primary school making music videos with my friends. That gradually shifted into a passion and an aptitude for photography. My mom bought herself a DSLR camera around the same time I started my Neocities site, and I used it just as much as her. She eventually lent it to me after her interest in photography went away and that camera is still the main one I use today. I originally just took pictures of everything I could find without really thinking about what I was doing or the techniques that you could use to capture such a scene. There was this specific trip that I went on in May 2018 that comes to mind. Shortly after, I started my first photography class. It was technically a graphic design course but there was a heavy emphasis on photography. In the years since I took more photography classes and I've honed my skill. I was seriously considering going into the field professionally but I've decided that it should remain a hobby. At the time I'm writing this I'm still in the middle of an artistic block, but I still hold a passion & respect for the artform.

I've also had a very intense passion & respect for music as well. My original Neocities site was generally focused on the music I liked - the artists that were covered generally shifted from update to update but the general theme persisted. Music has always been something that has guided me through the worst of my life and has always inspired my ultimate tastes & interests. The name of this site actually is named after a song.

More recently I've been fairly active on some online fan spaces. The one I was most active on was LanaBoards (if you're unaware, it's a forum for the singer Lana Del Rey). I started posting on there during the pandemic, and I only recently stopped. I also was active in the now defunct Ethel Cain Discord server during the short time it was online. Besides those two places I do frequent other forums/servers as well but I don't usually post in them. Most of the friends/acquaintances I've made online were from those two places and I still talk & interact with them to this day.