2023-06-09: Reorganized album log.
2023-04-23: Added new albums to listen to log to < MUSINGS > page.
  •   Added several new restored album covers on the < ART > page.
  •   Added some new CD's to the < MUSIC > page.
  •   Working on adding the LOONA fanmade covers subpage, Ethel Cain & Pizzicato Five discographies on the < MUSIC > page as well as the digital collection subpage, and adding some articles/blog post onto the < MUSINGS > page.
2023-03-23: Added a few restored album covers.
  •   Some minor formatting + style changes.
  •   Added a favicon.
  •   Added a button that people can add to their site.
  •   Added several links to < LINKS > page.
  •   Added "My Physical Music Collection" section to the < MUSIC > page.
  •   Added both "Album Covers" sections to the < ART > page.
  •   Fixed minor styling error.
2023-03-14: A much needed redesign.


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