Maltese Falcon - We're very close friends & I designed parts of his website
Parker McCord (bandcamp / instagram) - My other very close friend, he makes excellent music

FORMER FRIENDS (from neocities or other Web 1.0-style groups):

turd - Love the aesthetic, very cozy
Arkm's World - Used to love getting lost on their site
Rainstorms In July - Incredibly talented author
Like Home - Guess you could say it feels... like home lmao
TRAPPED. - Not exactly sure what happened to their site because they were really cool, but here's an archived version
September City - Also a very talented writer!
matfloor / Devon - Another really cool member I miss interacting with, part of a collective of really nice people who also have their own site


HRW World Atlas - I'm not exactly sure where this came from or how I originally found it but I just adore the old Web 1.0 vibes of this site
Pizzicato Five scans - Plethora of Pizzicato Five + Maki Nomiya pictures; considering that they/she are my favorite group/artists ever this is an absolutely invaluable resource & inspiration for me
Old Japanese Pizzicato Five fan site - Again a major sucker for anything Web 1.0, also love the complete discography
Bjorknet - Ongoing archive of the pre-2011 Björk website


Discord (by far, the easiest way to contact me): laguerreestfinie#1999
Email: contact [at] laguerreestfinie [dot] com
MSN / Escargot: laguerrestfinie
Discogs: LaGuerreEstFinie